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Cold-formed steel section is a kind of economical profile.Because of its uniform section,high product quality,low energy consumption and high economic benefits,it has been widely used in automotive,aviation,construction and other industries,and gradually become the main production mode of plate deep processing.Cold forming refers to the technology of obtaining various open,closed and wide section metal profiles by continuous roll bending of metal sheet or strip.The cold-formed steel section produced by cold-formed forming technology can bear more external load with less steel by changing the section shape of the profile.It is an important economic section steel.Cold bend section steel developed mainly by optimal cross section shape,rather than relying solely on increasing dosage of material and improve material performance new way to improve the utilization ratio of materials,to save energy and resources is of great significance,especially for our country such a developing country,attaches great importance to the cold bending steel development,promotion and application of this kind of economic cross section steel,is particularly important.In recent years,the cold-formed steel industry has developed rapidly,from a category of deep processing of iron and steel to an important step of upgrading and upgrading of deep processing products.China's cold-formed steel industry has become an important industry with an output value of hundreds of billions of yuan,more than one million employees and products covering all fields of the national economy.

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