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What is galvanized C-section steel? Wei Cheng tells you

Time: 2021-05-11 15:23:11Copyfrom: Wuxi Weicheng Cold Bended Steel Co.,Ltd

What is galvanized C-section steel?Wuxi Weicheng Coldformed Steel Co.,Ltd.Xiaobian with you to see it!

Galvanized steel plate refers to the use of high strength steel plate,through cold bending,roller molding,with uniform wall thickness,profile performance is good,high strength of a new type of steel plate,and the traditional hot rolling of the same strength can save 30%of the material.

Galvanized C section steel specifications adjustable size,large compressive strength and other advantages.Although the section size of cold-formed steel is light,it accords with the stress characteristics of roof purlin,which makes full use of the mechanical efficiency of steel.All kinds of fittings can be connected to different combinations,beautiful appearance,the use of steel truss,can reduce the weight of the building roof,reduce the use of steel for engineering,so it is called economic steel,replacement of Angle steel,channel steel,steel pipe and other traditional steel truss new building materials.

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