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The development prospect of cold formed section steel

Time: 2021-05-19 16:00:54Copyfrom: Wuxi Weicheng Cold Bended Steel Co.,Ltd

Cold bend section steel is belong to economic cross section steel,as well as energy-saving materials,is a kind of the strong vitality of the new type of steel varieties,it is widely used Yu Guoming economy each domain,its use can be divided into about guardrail plate,steel structure,car,container,steel formwork and scaffolding,railway vehicles,ships and Bridges,steel sheet pile,power transmission tower and other 10 categories,and so on.At present,there are two different forming processes in the production of cold-formed hollow square and rectangular section steel.One is to make a circle and then a square or rectangle;The other is a square or rectangle.At present,in the field of square rectangular steel pipe forming,direct square,moment forming technology advanced forming technology.The process of forming a square or rectangle is more advanced than the process of forming a circle and then changing it into a square or rectangle.The process of forming a circle first and then changing to square or rectangle will cause great damage to the quality of steel strip or coil plate.And the direct square,moment forming process,in the molding process basically will not cause damage to the material,can keep the mechanical and physical properties of raw materials,to ensure the excellent product.

Wuxi weicheng cold formed steel co.,LTD.Is a manufacturer of cold formed steel.Specializing in the production of various specifications of cold-formed steel,rail steel,customizable steel,construction C-shaped steel,Z-shaped steel,automobile manufacturing,container manufacturing,mechanical and electrical profiles,cable guide rail,cable tray and U-shaped steel hangers,supermarket containers,storage shelves,bus manufacturing,Marine and other industries.The products are widely used in automobile manufacturing,container manufacturing,supermarket containers,bus manufacturing,Marine and other industries.This product is made of high quality steel,all kinds of physical and chemical indicators have reached the national standards,selling all over the country,well received by customers.

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