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The development trend of cold formed section steel

Time: 2021-05-24 16:23:32Copyfrom: Wuxi Weicheng Cold Bended Steel Co.,Ltd

Cold-formed steel also has great market potential in the machinery manufacturing industry,especially in the automobile manufacturing industry,such as in the carriage plate,bus keel,car doors and Windows,drive shaft,exhaust pipe,shock absorber,truck girder,bumper,car and all kinds of bending pipe,cold-formed steel is needed.Cold-formed steel can also be used in load-bearing frame,envelope plate,purlin,single member and so on.At present,the cold-formed steel for steel structure building has accounted for 50%-70%of the total cold-formed steel.It is reported that with the rapid development of China's economic construction,the application of cold-formed steel will be more extensive,its demand will continue to grow.Estimation,2010 domestic cold-formed steel demand will reach 10 million tons,but with some developed countries of 10%of the total consumption ratio of steel,or relatively small.Therefore,it can be said that the development prospect of cold formed steel in our country is very broad.

In the cold-formed steel section,the service scope is also extended to trucks,buses,building doors and Windows,highway guardrail,shelves,electrical appliances and other industries,but are limited to small and medium-sized units,with fewer varieties and specifications,about 2000 kinds;The material is general carbon steel,all the cold-formed steel production accounts for about 1-1.5%of the total steel,compared with the world wide gap.Foreign cold-formed steel varieties and specifications are generally 8000-10000 kinds,material diversity,alloyed steel types account for 50-70%,cold-formed steel production accounts for 5%of the total steel production.Therefore,there is a great space for the development of cold formed steel in China.At present,the main varieties of cold-formed steel in China are:Structure with cold bending of rectangular tube,passenger car with cold bending steel,steel,steel window and door screens with low pressure fluid conveying use welded pipe,the general opening cold bend steel,construction steel structure,cold bending steel,as well as a variety of cross section of the cold bending profiles,has been in building,machinery,nuclear power,automobile,railways,agricultural machinery,chemical,oil,refrigeration,food,textile,supermarket,container.

Cold-formed steel is a kind of economic section steel and energy saving material.It is a new type of steel with strong vitality.It is widely used in highway railings,steel structures,automobile manufacturing,containers,railway vehicles,steel formwork and scaffolding,ships,Bridges,electrical cabinets,suspension conveyor,cable bridge,shelves,elevator guide rail,keel steel,vegetable greenhouses,agricultural machinery,grain storage,furniture and fire prevention equipment and other fields.Nowadays,the steel structure of some major construction projects in China is almost inseparable from cold formed steel.Cold-formed steel is used in the steel structure of a number of major construction projects,such as the Bird's Nest Olympic Stadium in Beijing,Kunming Exhibition Hall in Yunnan,Jiangyin Bridge in Jiangsu and Shanghai World Expo.

At present,China's technological innovation is mainly in the stage of absorption,imitation and integration,with less original innovation and independent innovation.Insufficient attention was paid to basic research and technological research.Domestic cold forming steel equipment is simple,technical equipment is backward,the unit equipment is not matched.Existing production equipment is difficult to produce high quality and special requirements of products.Compared with ordinary steel structure,cold formed steel has many special cases,such as cold bending effect,local buckling and super buckling of plate and material requirements,etc.Therefore,there are still many technical problems to be further studied.China's cold-formed steel industry in technical equipment with the help of a lot of foreign technical experience,but there is no own scientific and technological innovation and a complete product system.Many new technological achievements need to be perfected and improved.Fundamental research and process research are not paid enough attention to and research lagged behind,unless new product development is hindered by process problems,people will pay attention to consider process problems.

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