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[Weicheng] : The production and application of galvanized C section steel

Time: 2021-05-14 15:26:46Copyfrom: Wuxi Weicheng Cold Bended Steel Co.,Ltd

How is galvanized steel made?Wuxi Weicheng Cold Bending Steel Co.,Ltd.Xiaobian with you to see the next!

Galvanized C section steel is formed automatically by C section forming machine.C section steel molding machine according to the given size of C section steel can automatically complete C section steel molding process.Feeding(1),leveling(2),forming(3),shape(4)-straightening(5-measuring 6-brace round hole 7)-elliptical connection hole-forming cut pet-name ruby.

Galvanized C section steel,zinc layer uniform,smooth surface,strong adhesion,high size,all the surface is wrapped by zinc layer,the surface zinc content is usually in 120-275g/㎡,long service life corrosion resistance durable,is a kind of galvanized C-type steel high protective force.Galvanized C section steel is widely used in steel structure building purlin,wall beam,can also be self-combined into lightweight roof truss,bracket and other building components.In addition,it can also be used for columns,beams and arms in mechanical light industry manufacturing.

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