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Wei bearing to tell you the difference between the cold bending steel and ordinary steel structure

Time: 2021-04-29 15:07:18Copyfrom: Wuxi Weicheng Cold Bended Steel Co.,Ltd

Cold-formed steel is a general term for a class of steel, including C section, Z section, square and rectangular tube, color steel tile and a series of building profiles, and plays an important role in various industries and fields. Perhaps there are some people on the understanding of cold-formed steel is not very deep, it has many advantages that ordinary steel structure can not be compared. Wuxi weicheng cold-formed steel tells you the difference between cold-formed steel and ordinary steel structure

On the one hand, from the point of view of structure, the end face shape of cold formed steel can be very complex; On the other hand, from the point of view of quality, cold formed steel has the advantages of smooth surface, high dimensional accuracy, can be counted as an economic end face steel. Although its unit price relative to hot rolled section steel slightly higher, but the overall cost is still lower than other commonly used materials.

Compared with ordinary steel structure, cold-formed steel has many special cases, such as cold bending effect, local buckling and super buckling of plate and material requirements, etc. Therefore, there are still many problems to be further studied and solved.

In general, we will see the use of cold bending equipment in some large construction industries, because the demand for this kind of cold bending steel is very large. Of course, the cold bending equipment can also be used in some places in the subway or pipeline, such as it can be used to bend into a variety of finished products with different sections at normal temperature, especially the finished products with more complex sections, to meet the different requirements of customers.

In addition to powerful functions, because the raw materials used by the cold bending equipment are very plastic, because most of the cold bending machines used are very efficient. In this way, on the one hand, it can ensure the strength of the material used, on the other hand, it is still in order to ensure good construction quality. Cold bending equipment is not only used in some places we have introduced above, but also can be used in some tunnel support frame, which can also play a good role.

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