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Weicheng Cold Forming Steel Company introduces the production process of Cold Forming Steel

Time: 2021-05-26 16:27:13Copyfrom: Wuxi Weicheng Cold Bended Steel Co.,Ltd

Different production and forming process of cold formed section steel

There are many kinds of cold-formed steel,from the shape of the section,there are open,semi-closed and closed,the main products are cold-formed channel steel,Angle steel,Z-shaped steel,cold-formed corrugated steel,square pipe,rectangular pipe,welding special-shaped steel pipe,rolling door and so on.Cold formed steel is usually produced,the thickness is less than 6mm,the width is less than 500mm.

China's commonly used specifications are equilateral Angle steel(limb length 25~75mm),Angle steel(limb length 40~75mm),channel steel(high 25~250mm),channel steel(high 60~250mm),Z type steel(high 100~180mm)and other more than 400 specifications.Products are widely used in mining,construction,agricultural machinery,transportation,Bridges,petrochemical,light industry,electronics and other industries.

Cold-formed section steel is the main material for making light steel structure,which is made of steel plate or steel strip.Its wall thickness can not only be made very thin,but also greatly simplifies the production process and improves the production efficiency.It can produce all kinds of profiles with uniform wall thickness but complex section shape and cold formed steel of different materials which are difficult to be produced by ordinary hot rolling method.

Cold-formed steel is not only used in various building structures,but also widely used in vehicle manufacturing,agricultural machinery manufacturing,etc.There are many kinds of cold forming steel,according to the section of separate mouth,semi-closed mouth,closed mouth.According to the shape of cold formed channel steel,Angle steel,Z steel,square pipe,rectangular pipe,special-shaped pipe,rolling door and so on.Standard 6B/T 6725-2008 adds the yield strength grade classification of cold-formed steel products,adds the fine grain steel,and adds the specific assessment index of mechanical properties of products.

Cold-formed section steel is made of ordinary carbon structural steel,high quality carbon structural steel,low alloy structural steel plate or steel strip.Cold bend section steel is belong to economic cross section steel,as well as energy-saving materials,is a kind of the strong vitality of the new type of steel varieties,it is widely applied in the areas of economy,its use can be divided into about guardrail plate,steel structure,car,container,steel formwork and scaffolding,railway vehicles,ships and Bridges,steel sheet pile,transmission tower,10 other broad categories.

There are two different forming processes in the production of cold-formed hollow square(moment)section steel.One is to become a circle and then a square or rectangle;The other is a straight square or rectangle.In the field of square(moment)shaped steel pipe forming,the technology of directly forming square and rectangle is advanced forming technology.The process of forming a square or rectangle is more advanced than the process of forming a circle and then changing it into a square or rectangle.The process of forming a circle first and then changing to a square or rectangular shape will cause great damage to the quality of steel strip or coil.And the direct square,rectangular process,in the molding process will not cause damage to the material,can well maintain the mechanical and physical properties of raw materials,to ensure the excellent product.

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