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Cold-formed steel, also known as steel cooling bending profiles or cold-formed profiles, refers to the hot rolled or cold rolled strip steel as billet by bending formed into a variety of section shapes and sizes of steel. Cold-formed steel section is a kind of economical thin-walled steel section, also known as steel cooling bending profiles or cold-formed profiles. Cold-formed steel is the main material for making light steel structure. It has a variety of extra thin, reasonable shape and complex cross sections which can not be produced by hot rolling. Compared with the hot rolled section steel, under the same section area, the radius of rotation can be increased by 50% ~ 60%, and the moment of inertia of section can be increased by 0.5 ~ 3.0 times, so the material strength can be used more reasonably. Compared with the ordinary steel structure (that is, the steel structure made by the traditional I-beam, channel, Angle and steel plate), the steel can be saved by about 30% ~ 50%. In some cases, the amount of steel used in cold-formed steel structure is equivalent to that used in reinforced concrete structure under the same conditions. It is an economic section steel.

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