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Suspension rail steel

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Suspension chain applicable track according to the chain model is divided into heavy product delivery chain track,ten chain track,Taiwan 5 tons of suspension chain track,QXT suspension transport chain track.Specifications are 150#,200#,250#,300#four categories.150#Taiwan 5 ton suspension chain:standard size 57*67*20(width*height*opening),200#standard size 72*68*24,250#standard size 80*80*26,300#standard size 100*100*32.

Each type of straight rail has a different thickness specification,the commonly used thickness is 3.5mm,3.75mm,4.0mm,4.5mm.The length of the track is also available in 3m and 6m sizes.Corcorresponding to the 4 specifications of the track can be customized equilateral half rail or non-equilateral half rail track material is usually Q235B,can also be customized Q345B bending rail more wear resistance and higher strength.

Another matching cross chain conveyor rail chamfer rail section steel.If you have special requirements,can be made of stainless steel or galvanized sheet,thickness and length can also be customized according to customer requirements.

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